Perfect Day

Walked into town and went in all the shops looking for what I wanted (that jacket that Bond wore on Spectre, ant powder, Marmite crisps and Blundstone boots), didn’t find any of them, smiled at everyone and got soaked in the rain on the way home.

After all that I came home with a bar of chocolate (M&S Finest) and a tube of toothpaste (Sensodyne); a perfect combination and a beautiful day. C’mon you mighty Owls, let’s have a win tonight to put the cherry on top!

15 thoughts on “Perfect Day

    • Well, Sheffield Wednesday for away with letting in just one goal and so we just have to better that in the second leg at Fortress Chez Notre. I had cornflakes, managed not to eat the chocolate and went to bed late after reading some of my book Psychology in 100 Quotes (recommended). How did your day end?

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      • Psychology in 100 Quotes, sounds interesting.

        I managed to study for about 8 hours that day. Then drank a cup of hot chocolate while watching a couple of episodes if my favorite TV series (that I’m addicted to and I don’t know how I’ll live without it when it finishes). Went to bed around 12 but I couldn’t sleep till 2:30am…

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        • I hope you did something productive between 12 and 2.30am. That’s a whole heap of time to be just be lying on your back watching the reflections of streetlights on your ceiling. What do you tend to think about in the wee hours?

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          • I was thinking. As I usually do.
            Thinking about some mental issues that I think I have. Most of the symptoms are there so I was just trying to analysis them (plus a lot of stressing myself out) and find out if I do have them or not..

            In my resting times, I think about a whole ton of stuff… You probably wouldn’t be interested. No one ever isπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

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