Bases for Attraction

As I begin to clean the downstairs toilet I think ‘there are more bases for attraction than sexuality’.

I write ‘there are more bases for attraction than sex’.

I search the internet for ‘bases for attraction’ and the jnternet tells me how to get to first base with a girl.

I ask the internet for some different words for ‘bases’ and I am given words about chemistry, architecture, botany, zoology, geometry, surveying and heraldry.

I tap some words onto this screen to form the basis of this post and then watch the cursor blinking at me in a mocking way.

I think that when two people like each other then neither the starting premise nor the end goal of their story together necessarily have to be about sexual contact. This is equally true whether it’s a story of a moment spent exchanging smiles in the street or the story of a consuming relationship spanning continents and decades.

I think that these things can also be bases for attraction:

  • Shared interests (physical, mental, spiritual)
  • Convergent points of view (or divergent points of view of you love alternative points of view (and have found someone who loves in the same way))
  • Loving others in the same way that one loves God. Can we flood people with love in the same way that we would flood God with love? Yes we can. And if we’re not flooding God with love, then why not? Doesn’t God deserve that?

This list is not definitive. It doesn’t become complete just because I can’t think of anything to add to it right now.

And now, apropos to nothing, I’m going to go out and cut up the (dead) trees that I felled last month. Do you happen to know anyone who has a spare zero-emission wood-burner? And Freud – if you’re listening – there’s no symbolism involved in my desire to reduce my wood to a manageable size.


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