Stories are easy. They are just snatches of life that have starts, middles and ends. It’s easy to pick them out because they are usually the things that we tell people we just met on trains.

I don’t know why were don’t write our stories down more often. We just have to listen to ourselves when talking to strangers (the stranger the better) and remember what we said. Better still, we could record ourselves secretly. It has to be secret, otherwise we would get self-conscious about it.

Once we have our recordings, we just need to transcribe them. You could try using your phone to transcribe for you but the results aren’t always that great.

Either way, when you’ve done typing it all up you’ll have a few good stories to publish. That is, you’ll have good stories if the person you talked to on the bus was interesting; and by this I mean that you have to ‘fancy’ the person in order to get yourself to tell them your best stories. If there’s no attraction then you’ll only allow yourself to say boring things.

But hey, if none of this resonates with you and you genuinely don’t have stories under your hat, don’t worry about it; there’s always other people’s blogs and books. 🐸

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