According to Andrew, we can become spiritual oneironauts. We can, in other words, be awake and aware during our dreams. As someone who falls asleep during plays, movies, books and at work this appeals to me enormously.

I think that one of the reasons I like to read as I’m walking is that there is minimal chance of falling asleep during the process. Having now read (a minute ago) articles by Andrew Holocek on the Kripalu website (link on first line of this post) I’ve come to a whole different way of thinking about this whole falling-asleep business. Why not turn it from a deficit to an advantage?

So, yeah, I’ve not read much into the subject yet, but I’ve read enough to realise the massive advantages I could acrue by doing so, and enough to get excited enough to write this post about it. Because that’s what a good life’s all about, right? We turn our sunny sides up and enjoy every part of our experience – good or challenging!

I look forward to meeting you in a pleasant dream someday. Until then; enjoy!

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