Isn’t bereft a wonderful word? No? Oh, okay. Well anyways – I’m feeling bereft. Oh, hold on – let me just check that it means what I think it means.

  1. Deprived or robbed of the possession or use of something
  2. Lacking something needed, wanted, or expected
  3. Suffering the death of a loved one.

Thanks to Merriam Webster for that. I mean 2 and 1 would do but definitely not 3.

But why? Yes, I can hear you crying out all the way from there to here in little-old-York. Well, it’s because I’m downstairs with a nice cup of tea and I can’t find my book! I strongly suspect that it’s upstairs but if I gobuo there I’ll get given something to do. Any protests that I’m having tea will be summarily ignored. Probably.

So I’m writing this instead. Hope you appreciate it. And I hope I appreciate it too when, after an appropriate number of years, I read those posts back to my older self.

And yes, the tea is lovely, thanks.

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