Just Musing – don’t bother reading

As regards my new year resolution, I’m not doing so badly, thanks for asking. I set out to notice my triggers and I’ve noticed a couple of them, but nothing didn’t already know about. But what I’ve been pleased about is that I didn’t use those triggers as excuses to jump into incandescent rage (not that I do this very often anyway), so that’s alright. 😊 I am, that said, quiet today, but that might just be my way to recharge after being with a lot of people (in Worthing and London) over the past few days.

I’m aware I’m being very unspecific here and that bothers me for two reasons:

  1. this post won’t mean a darn thing to me when I read it back at a future days and
  2. I seems to me to be evidence that I’m hiding something from myself and, by extension, you.

Let me think about what I’m trying to hide …

Got it. I’m fed up with the way that I’m conducting my life vis a vis the people around me.

If you’ve ever read any of my posts then I don’t suppose this will come as a big surprise. If you know me at all then you can only be one person: me. If you’re someone other than me then I’m sorry about this post, but hey – look on the bright side: at least I know what I’m talking about now and I’ll be able to relate to this stuff later. 😆

Happy third of January.

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